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10 Principles: How to find and then select a tenant for your residential property

goodchoiceWhenever I speak  with a  prospective client the question of how to  select a tenant comes up. To be clear, tenant selection is the single most  important aspect of  property management.  Once you find a good tenant you must provide good service  to  keep that good  tenant. But, the first  step is to find that  good tenant. There are two distinct steps:

1. Locate a potential tenant

2. Screen the tenant.

You must learn how to screen a tenant.

Tenant  selection is more of an art than a science. You must be flexible and aware. You will get better at this over  time. You must recognize that finding a tenant in a small  town in Northern Ontario is different from finding a tenant in downtown Toronto. So, after  more  than 30 years of finding and selecting tenants, here are some of my thoughts about  how to select a tenant.

Remember: You will solve your problem of finding a good tenant only if you can solve the tenant’s problem of finding a good  place to  live! You can solve  your problem only by solving the tenant’s problem.

Ten Principles of Successful Tenant Selection:

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