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At home in a rental unit in Forest Hill

Scott Tomenson, the epitome of a successful professional, doesn’t own his home; he rents this 1,100-square-foot, ground floor, two-bedroom apartment in a multiplex with his wife Mary, a real estate agent, and their dog, Bernie, a Burnese mountain dog.

At home in a rental unit in Forest Hill

Scott Tomenson, wearing a business casual uniform of striped dress shirt, navy blue blazer and olive green trousers, is sitting in his beautifully appointed living room looking out the bay windows at his residential street near St. Clair and Yonge. It’s an affluent neighbourhood and Tomenson is at home here. Continue reading

The tale of ‘the rental house’ in Playter Estates

Dea Sagnella (seated) and her partner Moria Devereaux went out of their way to landscape the front and back of their home (with help from a cooperative landlord), going a long way to winning friends in the house-proud neighbourhood.

November 05, 2010

David Hayes

Special to the Star

In the late 18th century, at the end of the American Revolutionary War, many British loyalists fled to Canada, among them George Playter of Pennsylvania who settled on a tract of land east of the Don River. Today, Playter Estates is an exclusive leafy handful of streets lying north of The Danforth and lined with large, mainly Edwardian homes. Sometimes called “Rosedale East,” average house prices are in the $700,000-plus range with the most elegant hitting as high as $2 million.

On Playter Blvd, among the most exclusive of these streets, sits one of the few rental homes in the neighbourhood, although you wouldn’t be able to distinguish it from all the others. And, occupying a $1,500-a-month, 850-square-foot two-bedroom on the second floor, live a couple who, like Playter, long ago left America for its northern neighbour. Continue reading

The case for renting instead of owing

On November 2, 2010, Steve Paiken and the Agenda ran an interesting episode  on the pros and cons of renting versus owning. Check it out.

“The Debate: The Case Against Home Ownership

It used to be that owning a home was the North American dream. But is it a good dream? The financial crisis showed us that maybe everyone shouldn’t own a home. But what would that do to the economy?”