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It can make sense to rent – Why the market for #TorontoRentals will continue to be good


Home ownership continues to be the North American dream. That said, it doesn’t always make economic sense. I recently attended a political debate where one of the candidates said that people have a choice of “paying rent” or “paying interest”. Is it always better to pay interest?

The following two tweets reference interesting articles on this topic.

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In #Torontorentals – Landlord selling property must honour lease with tenant

This is a question that we get again and again.

What happens if:

1. You are the landlord of a property which is occupied by a tenant with a lease? and

2. You wish to sell the property.

The answer is that that the landlord is free to sell the property, but that the property will be sold subject to the existing lease. It is obviously easier to sell a vacant property. That’s the bottom line. Landlords who own investment properties need to know and understand this.

For a detailed analysis see an earlier post on this issue.