The story of landlord licensing in Toronto – Real licensing or licensing lite?

Landlord costs are reflected in tenant rents …

If the City of Toronto really wanted to do something for tenants, it would lower the crippling property taxes imposed on apartment buildings that exceed six units. (I cannot understand why this is not a giant political issue.) After all, property taxes are a huge cost to landlords. These costs are passed on to tenants. Once passed on to tenants, tenants will pay higher rents.

Speaking of increasing costs to landlords …

Landlord licensing in primarily a political issue. In fact, landlord licensing has been an issue in Municipal Elections. Notice that this does not (at least yet) apply to small Toronto landlords.

The licensing of Student rentals has been a topic of controversy in both Guelph, Kingston and Waterloo. In general, (if not outright licensing) student rentals have been the subject of heightened bylaw scrutiny.

The following “story” from “Storify” describes how certain Toronto City Councillors brought “landlord licensing” into effect (well sort of).

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