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“Small Landlords helping Small Landlords”

Our company has been formed by a group of  small residential landlords.   We have been  small landlords in Toronto since 1981. We understand what it means to be a “small landlord”. We understand that your rental property is more than just an investment. We understand the frustrations. But, we also understand the rewards and how being a small landlord can secure your retirement!

During that time our founders have successfully managed a number of properties.

We know exactly what it means to be a small landlord in an environment where:

– costs are high

Ontario laws are not “landlord friendly”

That said, we also know that “90% of our problems come from 10% of our tenants.”

I have also learned a lot about how to manage them – what works and what doesn’t.

But, before we get into the question of “how to manage properties, let me tell you why I have created LandlordRelief.ca.

Real estate investing and property management is a business. That means that:

–         you need to see real estate investing  as a “long term” venture

–         being a landlord is a “service business”. You must create a situation this is “good for your tenants”

–         property management can be very unpleasant (although the vast majority of my tenants have been fantastic), there are some “problem tenants” who can make your life hell. The trouble is that you tend to think about only the “problem tenants”. I once heard a property manager comment that:

“90 percent of my problems come from 10% of my tenants”.

–         vacant rental properties can be costly (you can’t have properties sitting vacant)

But, real estate investing can also be very profitable. The trick is to not let your emotions get involved. You must take the emotions out of property management. When it comes to real estate investing and property management, emotional decisions are generally bad decisions. I am embarrassed to say that we have sold properties that we should have kept and kept properties that we should have sold because we let emotions get in the way of clear objective thinking. Emotional decisions are usually the result of interacting with a tenant, dealing with unwelcome repairs, and spending time at  the rental property.

Our goal is to take emotions out of the equation of landlording.

Landlordrelief.ca exists to separate you from the emotions of being a small landlord. You should never see your tenants! You should never see your property! You should never have to deal with repairs and maintenance.

Landlordrelief.ca provides property management services for small landlords in the GTA. That said, we will only manage the properties of landlords who share our basic philosophy of landlording. This philosophy includes:

–         tenant selection is vital

–         keeping tenants happy is vital

–         vacant rental properties and managing your emotions are the number one impediments to successful real estate investing

If you would like to discuss having landlordrelief.ca managing your property please email contact us at:


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