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Make sure you know who your tenants are


Realtor Phu Nhi (John) Trac outside Newmarket court May 4, 2009.

Grow-op king duped 54 homeowners

May 05, 2009

Peter Small



Maura and her husband thought they were renting their Aurora home to a couple who were away a lot.

But they wondered why the real estate agent representing the tenants kept putting them off when they tried to visit the home to get it appraised.

Fed up, they finally gave 24 hours notice that they were coming, regardless. When they arrived on Sept. 10, 2001, no one was home. “The house was abandoned, but there were hoses all the way from the kitchen sink to the basement,” said Maura, who asked that her last name not be used. Continue reading

For renters there’s never been a better time

March 22, 2011

Tony Marner, vice-president of Trivest Developments Corp. Trivest is giving away free TVs to the right tenants.

Would you be more inclined to rent an apartment if the landlord threw in a flat-screen TV? What about a month of Tim Hortons coffee or a free tour of shops and amenities in the neighbourhood?

The vacancy rate in Toronto is expected to remain steady at about 2 per cent — but the pool of tenants has changed. As more and more people ditch their rented digs in favour of home or condo ownership, landlords are on the hunt for the cream of what’s left.

That means you’re in the drivers seat if you’re a renter with a good credit rating and steady income. Incentives like free TVs, coffee, TTC passes, cable, utilities and rent are making signing a lease as attractive as possible. But how much of a deal are you really getting? Continue reading