The law and tenants’ rights

The law and tenants’ rights

The above tweet references a post describing the rights that residential tenants are afforded on Ontario.

Residential landlord and tenants relations are heavily regulated.  The relevant law is the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act. Property should never be rented without understanding the basics of the law. The bottom line is that the law is heavily weighted in favor of tenants’ rights. Believe it or not, if your costs go down, tenants may be legally entitled to a rent reduction. Of course, if your costs go  up, you are not entitled to the same kind of rent increase.

If you have a problem with a tenant, you should turn the  problem over to a professional., through its connection with lawyers, is able to provide you with professional guidance through the legal mine field of  evictions, non-payment of rent, etc.  You  can learn about the procedure and see the relevant forms here.

If you are having a problem with a tenant, contact us before  you do anything to jeopardize your legal  position.

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