Prompt repairs

Prompt repairs – The Necessity of

I once heard an experienced landlord say:

“If you respect your property, your tenants will respect your property.”

Tenants are essential to making money in real estate.Tenants are what makes it possible to invest in real estate. Without tenants, you are nowhere.

Ontario’s rent control laws have been greatly modified. The bottom line is that tenants now have greater choice and availability for where to rent.

As a landlord it is your job to retain your tenants. Tenant turnover is costly.

In order to retain your tenants it is important that repairs be made quickly and properly. We recommend that you use  the best quality parts when making repairs. For example, if a faucet needs to be replaced – you should replace with the best quality that you can.

As is the case with many things in life:

“Your attitude determines your altitude!”

Your attitude toward repairs should be:

1. I will fix it quickly; and

2. When it’s fixed, it’s really fixed!

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