Tenant turnover – your biggest cost

Tenant turnover – your biggest cost

Tenant turnover is very costly.  Hence, it is in our mutual interest to minimize tenant turnover.

Why tenant turnover is costly

The reasons are simple:

  1. There is often a period of at least one month vacancy.
  2. It is often necessary to paint and perform maintenance that would only be done if the rental property is vacant.
  3. There is a cost to advertise and show the unit.
  4. There are some times of the year (for example winter) when it is more difficult to find tenants than other times (June or August).
  5. It may be necessary for the landlord to pay the cost of utilities (example heat and hydro) during the vacancy period which would normally be paid by a tenant.
  6. There is a disruption of your cash flow.

Bottom line!

We want to:

–          seek the best possible tenants

–          work with those tenants so that they are happy

–          keep those tenants

We have our best chance of finding and retaining suitable tenants if we are able to offer properties that are attractive and well maintained. In addition, once we find a good tenant, we do NOT want to give them reasons to look elsewhere.

Tenant turnover is your biggest cost!

The interests of both “Landlord Relief” and the property owners are completely aligned. We both want good tenants and predictable cash flow.

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