Value of good residential property managers for investing in Toronto Real Estate

The above tweet  references an interesting article by Mark Weisleder. The article begins with:

More and more Canadians are buying rental residential real estate for investment purposes. These properties offer in most cases, stable income that pays almost all expenses, with a real estate asset that will typically appreciate in value in the long term. However, there are many pitfalls with becoming a first time landlord. The good news is that with the assistance of a professional property manager, you can be protected and have peace of mind that your investment will be secure for the long term.

and ends with:

… you do not think twice about trusting your stock portfolio to a professional manager. Why would you not do the same with your real estate properties?

It is not easy being a landlord. Using a professional manager will give you peace of mind and a safe investment over the long term.

Mr. Weisleder notes that a good residential property manager will do many things including, what is most important:

– understanding the importance of finding good tenants

ensuring that the tenants are happy to avoid tenant turnover

separating you as the landord from your tenant.

And more. A good residential property manager will make your life easier and your real estate investments profitable.









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