Why tenant selection is key for #TorontoRentals

As you know, the selection of good tenants, is vital to your success as a landlord and real estate investor. Tenant turnover is the largest cost of being a landlord. Ontario’s rental market is highly regulated and Ontario tenant’s have many rights. If you select your tenants carefully you will avoid having to take steps to evict a tenant. But before actually commencing the eviction process, we strongly suggest this recipe for how to deal with a difficult tenant.

Since tenant selection is the key, we recommend our: “10 Principles: How to find and then select a tenant for your residential property“.

The above tweet references a recent article in the Toronto Star that describes how bad the problems of a difficult tenant can be. An earlier article in the Star suggested that “the secrecy surrounding difficult tenants should be lifted“.

The story begins with:

Tenant with long history of eviction notices has been ordered out of her current residence for failing to pay rent; it’s the seventh time since 2005, according to public documents.

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